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On a Mission

~November 28, 2020~

Day 167

Missing our family and friends, we decided to tweak our stay in California a little bit. As you’ve already read, in early December, we are heading to Riverside to get some needed repairs done on the trailer. So what we’ve decided to do is drop off the trailer and immediately head to Northern California to see my mom, our son, Jeff’s brother and our bestie Michele. They don’t know this yet but should by the time they read this post. This also ties in well with Jeff’s brother hosting a traditional Holiday fondue dinner (passed down from their parents). Then we’ll head back down south to visit our daughter, future son-in-law and grandchildren before picking up the REPAIRED trailer. Then we start heading east. Our plan is to arrive in Louisiana just before Christmas. We would have liked to stay in California with family for the Holidays but because of all the initial delays, factoring in weather and our plans for this being a 1 year journey (can’t believe we’re already in our 6th month) we need to keep moving.

We also decided to change our plans while in Tucson. After further thought, it didn’t make sense for us to break down twice in the same city. We had originally booked Catalina State Park in Tucson as our second stay, thinking it would be fun to stay at another great spot. But all that does is make you lose a day because of take down, travel and set up. And we’re in a great location. So we extended our time here at Diamond J RV Resort for 3 additional days, keeping intact our arrival time in California.

We spent the day getting a few items off our to do list, two of which were a Costco run (especially for that large pack of paper towels) and researching for a product to help us get rid of our surface scratches on our trailer. Check out our YouTube video and our November 15th post about that debacle. It’s one of those naggy things that is glaring and begs you to fix. Jeff found a great product from Formula One, so off to O’Reilly, Camping World, AutoZone and Walmart we went. You would think with this kind of thing happening all of the time on RV’s (and it really does), they would have this readily available. It appears you can only get it by ordering through a retailer or online. To make all the driving around purposeful, he decided to buy a Meguire’s product at Wal-Mart that will hopefully get the job done. Will be trying it out tomorrow and will certainly let you guys know how it did.

The evening was spent watching college football while making a delicious dinner of pasta and french bread. And we thought it time to give Sadie a much needed bath, especially after all of the Sedona red dirt she found cool and relaxing to lay in.

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