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Old Recipes Born Again

~Tuesday, December 21, 2021~

Day 555

The biggees today were helping my mom come up with the cookie baking list, making a Christmas Day menu, finding all of the recipes for everything (which was a challenge), putting together the grocery list, and making room in the fridge for what’s coming. It was quite nostalgic rummaging through the old recipe box with oil-marked, well-loved, well-used recipe cards handwritten by my mother AND grandmother. You can certainly tell their favorites. It’s always a hoot glancing through pages of old recipe books too, with their old-time, faded photos of tried and true fare.

Jeff was already out and about with his hustle bustle while we made our way to Trader Joe’s (yeh!!) and the Nugget Store(a boutiquish, family- owned, Whole Foods priced type of grocery store) that seems to be the only grocer to carry our favorite home-made style tortilla chips! With bags and bags of groceries, all I can say is thank goodness for cooler back-ups. Since the garage temperatures are colder than the fridge this time of year, it makes a cozy little spot for that large, honey-baked ham. Nice that we all made it back before the rains came (evidently we’re having 10 days of straight rain…..FINALLY!). Lots of catching up to do. 💦

The large pile of packages has been calling my name ever since we arrived, so to the wrapping station I went (the dining room table) while Jeff made a delicious tortellini soup. Delicious! Christmas wrapping is not my favorite thing to do during the holidays but with holiday favorites playing in the background (“Serendipity”, “Christmas Inheritance” and “Home Alone”), it definitely made it more pleasant.

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