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Not Settling

~Thursday, April 28, 2022~

Day 683

Well, so much for seeing Grand Junction today. We had plans to play tourist for the day as well as accomplishing the beckoning laundry call. But once we sat down to catch up on some overdue trip planning (‘ya gotta take advantage of those cell signals when you have them), we simply got on a roll, pretty much completing our year’s worth of planning. These past few months of boondocking were either completely void of internet service or offered a very weak signal. During that time, we missed a few opportunities in booking some primo spots in Florida for next winter (state parks mainly). I’ve mentioned before that you basically need a wind and a prayer to be able to get into these, especially anything in or near The Keys. And with their 11-month booking in advance rule, it’s sort of making it difficult to book some of our dates in late April/early May, and the fear that many of our back-ups would fill up. So we decided to move on from the state park idea and look into alternatives….i.e. private campgrounds, county parks, city parks, etc.

The good news is, even with the fact we didn’t get into many of our first choices, we didn’t settle at all. What we found is still awesome. One location is even 15 minutes from all the Orlando attractions; a great spot and only $20/night. We can’t remember the last time we hit the amusement park scene. If anyone out there has any tips on saving money on entry fees and such, we’re all ears. Hoping our AARP membership helps at least somewhat. 😜

Now the only thing left to do in terms of lodging is finishing up our plans for Washington state on our way back from Alaska. Heather and Dave, if you are reading this we hope the invitation is still open for us to visit you and your new abode in September! It’s been way too long since we’ve seen you so we’re really looking forward to seeing you! And who knows, maybe we’d entertain the “dry side” of Washington idea for our next home. We shall see.

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