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Not Settling

~Friday, November 26, 2021~

Day 530

Still full from “the feast” and plenty of leftovers. But it’s funny that no matter how full you are or how sick you are of turkey, there is nothing better than those turkey sandwiches made with all the fixings from the day before. And there’ll be plenty for Jeff, since I only partook in my turkey eating on the official day. Is partaking in big bird eating once a year voiding my pescatarian status? Should I be called a turkeytarian? Anyway, we hope you had a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving!

The day after was really exciting for us…….tire shopping and laundry. But what else are we to do since we don’t follow the Black Friday flock? As I previously mentioned, we had plans to buy new tires for the Miata so we could drive that car up to Oregon the first of the year. But after doing more research of the alternative tire brands that our tire guy suggested, we decided not to be forced into buying inferior tires, when we have smarter options; it would mean settling, unnecessarily, all for the sake of a short road trip. Plus, we’d also need a new battery since the car’s been sitting for so long. Yes, it would be so fun taking the convertible, but it’s not practical. Being pragmatic can certainly ruin a good time.

While I stayed back with Sadie and took care of laundry duties, Jeff took a 30-minute drive to pick up a new replacement tire for the other front trailer tire. This Korean brand wasn’t our first choice, nor do we have the utmost confidence in it. But it should give us some peace of mind driving to California. Anything is better than the worn tire we had. At least we’ll have a whole new set of the Goodyear tires waiting for us when we get to Napa. The plan is to take the Korean tire and make that our second spare once all 4 of the new tires are put on.

What is it about those Tucson sunsets…..they’re always so gorgeous. So we took advantage of the trails behind our campground and ventured out with Sadie to get our evening sky fix. Sadie is very careful to prance around the prickly plants, that smart one.

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