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Not Quite the Real Deal

~Tuesday, June 15, 2021~

Day 366

Our goal in touring Nashville today, didn’t go quite as planned. If there’s one thing you should prepare for in visiting “Music City” or any large city for that matter, it would be RESEARCH YOUR PARKING GARAGES/LOTS BEFORE GETTING THERE. Don’t do what we did which was to try and figure out where to park our tank of a truck while in transit. We know most of you won’t have a large vehicle issue, but for you fellow RVer’s towing trailers or fifth wheels with trucks, it might be. We found a few parking lots that might have worked, but did not feel this was the safest option. Questionable characters on cell phones, shattered glass on the ground and a few other clues, made us question this option. Another thing….know your vehicle’s clearance before getting into any parking garage. We knew the clearance for the trailer, but not for the truck. Most of the garages we saw at 6’-7” were not going to cut it. We arrived mid-afternoon anyway, so we decided enough was enough, at least for today. So I guess today’s visit had to suffice as a teaser.

What we did get to see today was not on MY list since I had seen the real deal a few years back with my mom and sister on a Meditteranean Cruise. But we had to satisfy Jeff’s curiosity at least. The Parthenon in Nashville, is a full-scale re-creation

of the Greek original. Standing proudly as the centerpiece of Centennial Park, it was built for Tennessee’s 1897 Centennial Exposition. I guess, now Jeff can say he too, has seen “The Parthenon”.

Getting back to our campground at a good time, we were able to book our tour for the Grand Ole Opry, set for Thursday before we leave this wonderful state of Tennessee and head to Kentucky (again).

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