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No More Water!

~Thursday, September 2, 2021~

Day 445

I discovered the strangest thing this morning. When I walked outside, I saw water rapidly dripping from our fresh water intake (which is on the side panel of our trailer). I didn’t want to disturb Jeff’s sleep, so just let it do it’s thing until he awoke. The only thing we can surmise, is that on the first day, I accidentally had turned on the water pump (a habit from boondocking) while we were connected to city water. We always arrive at a new destination with a little water in the tank. But somehow, the city water was being added to it. So in the meantime, we disconnected from the city water and will use up what water is in the freshwater tank, using the pump (don’t want to waste that precious resource). Now for a little homework to figure this thing out. So stay tuned.

Since our friends Holly and Stan were heading out around 11:00, we wanted to walk over for a quick visit and deliver a little sustenance for the road with the banana muffins I made. It was so great to see them and catch up, though too short. Our journeys are so similar. We’re both from California, we started our trips about the same time, we were newbies to RV’ing, we’re looking for a new place to call home, traveling with our canine loves, love cooking and the great outdoors. And we’re enjoying our travels so much that we’re both extending our journey with no end date in sight, waiting patiently for the housing market to settle down. It appears we all did not sleep well last night with the pounding rain. We knew we were in for some heavy stuff from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. A gentle rain is fine. But when it’s a downpour, it’s hard to get some shuteye in your “metal box”. Anyway, it looks like they’re headed south to York slowly making their way back to the West coast, like us, for the Holidays. We really hope to meet up with them again someday. Great couple!

With the rainy day, we decided to just spend it at the campsite and plan out a few things with our time in Rockport as well as make a few reservations for next summer. How the time flies!

A funny thing happened last night after dinner. We took a walk around the campground then made our way down to the waterfront deck. Mind you, we had started with a very dimly lit headlight to begin with. The very little light pollution made for a beautiful starlit evening as we enjoyed stargazing while listening to the slight sound of the waves below. But it was on our way back that was a little challenging. We basically went from a dim headlamp, to nothing but the red light, which barely lights the way. I’d like not to walk into the creek please! And it was so dark with an uphill 10-minute climb back to our campsite. Not good planning. Jeff and I were hand in hand the whole way, with Sadie in front, leading the way, so we did make it back in one piece.

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