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No Devil Here

~Tuesday, May 24, 2022~

Day 709

Nothing like waking up to finding 2 ticks on our Sadie. Since we’re only 2 weeks past the last snowfall, I figured it was still too early for them to which I am very mistaken. And these were not little guys. Full on adult, BIG ticks. That’s what we get for being on the edge of a lush meadow. Time to bring out the flea/tick chews again.

What a wonderful day to just spend time at our amazing “4-day home”. It’s looking like we booked the perfect amount of time to stay here.

Anything less than four days would have been too rushed otherwise. The time will allow us some relaxation, yet allow enough hours in the day to hike a few trails in the park, tour the Visitor Center and see a few things OUTSIDE the park.

Jeff got into a new novel, while I dug into my thorough cleaning of the inside windows, all 18 of them! After all the desert boondocking we did in Utah, man were they bad. Lots of red dust in all the nooks and crannies of the interior frames plus a layer of gritty soot on the glass. Whoever invented Q-tips and toothpicks, you’re a genius!! (my secret weapon to get into all those hard to reach places). I was on such a roll, I even decided to do the outside windows which take a fraction of the time. I felt compelled to do some finishing touches on Billie Jean after the impromptu car washing Jeff did the other day…..minus a hose. Now if we could just get Hank tidied up.

I’m feeling so much better today after my 9 hours of sleep. And I swear by Zinc tablets as 99% of the time that I’ve felt a cold coming on, it’s withered away to nothing. Feeling energized, I felt so inclined to prepare a big breakfast. Even though they are generally saved for weekends, we were going to satisfy this craving, TODAY!! I hadn’t made pancakes in a while and can’t recall the last time I made berry ones. With the combination of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, it made the perfect accompaniment to our fluffy hotcakes. Dee-lish!!.

We met some new neighbors from New Hampshire. And what a cool setup they have with their sprinter van which includes a slide and awning to boot. They’re also towing a utility trailer for all their stuff, including their motorcycle with sidecar. Perfect touring mobile. All with their 2 traveling companions as well….a pug and large German Shepherd. Always fun to see other people’s setups!!

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