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Nice To Be Back!

~Sunday, October 31, 2021~

Day 504 (Travel Day)

What a muddy, yucky mess at everyone’s campsites this morning. That rain on Friday really wreaked havoc on this portion of the campground. Our campsite is on the downward part of a slight grade so the water just pooled there, making the road itself a small creek. People were slippin’ and slidin’ all over the place. But by the looks of their rubber boots and rain gear, they’re not new to this rodeo. Today is slightly cloudy, so I hope this can dry things out a bit.

The consensus is that we will be back to Gettysburg soon one day. We underestimated our stay by at least a week. We just wish that we had seen this in our younger years or even taken our own children here to better understand. Maybe I would have had a deeper appreciation on the subject or enjoyed history in general for that matter.

We’re on the move again as we make our way out of Pennsylvania, through Maryland (our first time through that state), and Virginia, ending in Washington, North Carolina. It was another 400-mile day where we again split our driving. Jeff took the first half, me the second which meant me driving in the dark. Since we’d already stayed at Goose Creek State Park, we already knew the ease of getting into the campground, alleviating pressure to arrive before sundown. Towing at night is not a big deal if you’re on highways. But when it comes to the backroads, the nightlife is stirring. I must have seen at least 5 dead deer on the side of the road, not to mention the live ones that decided to dart yards in front of the truck a few times. Deciding to lower my speed from 50 to 40 was a good idea. It was all coming back to me as we approached Goose Creek, which has always been one of our favorite campgrounds. So peaceful and beautiful. It will be the perfect spot for a layover, to reboot before heading further south.

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