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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

~Thursday, March 24, 2022~

Day 648

A French Toast morning joining everyone else with their delicious breakfast smells. It was one of the most beautiful weather days yet and a perfect one to simply enjoy our campsite. I caught up on some website stuff while Jeff cleaned out the Dyson from all the fine dust, tightened a few cabinet doors inside the rig and cleaned up the outside compartment for the fridge, also caked with dust. I keep telling myself that boondocking out in the middle of nowhere was all worth it.

It was nice meeting a few of our neighbors, also dog owners. In fact the woman next to us travels with her cockatiel as well, allowing us the joy of listening to. I’m not a fan of birds in cages, but we certainly like the sound.

While outside our rig, we heard a big thud and a slight scream from next door. Jeff went to investigate but their other neighbor had already gone over to make sure everything was o.k. Apparently, the husband had fallen when his prosthetic leg came loose, causing him to fall. Quite a few years ago, he fell victim to a blood clot in his leg, forcing them to amputate. He’s got an amazing attitude about the whole thing though. While we chatted with them, we also met another couple from Utah. He is originally from Marin County, and travels part-time. They’re very interested in learning more about our boondocking experiences so it looks like we’ll be exchanging ideas over a few O Be Joyful libations. Bill also gave us a great dinner recommendation in Camp Verde called Moscato. He and his wife have a dinner date there tomorrow evening and said it's one of the best Italian restaurants they’ve ever been to. Wow, great Italian in Arizona? Who would have thought? And we only had a good Mexican restaurant on our radar.

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