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Needing My Mom Fix

~Tuesday, December 8, 2020~

Day 177

So nice to get a good amount of sleep last night after the drive to the Sacramento area from Joshua Tree. As we’re staying with my mom, it’s SO nice to catch up and help her in any way we can. For example, getting Christmas boxes down for her. Even though she wants to keep decorating to a minimum this year, I think once she opened each box, she got on a roll. To get the boxes out of the garage, we had to start up the Miata which has been lovingly stored for the past 6 months. Of course, the battery was dead. So jumper cables it is. Once Jeff got that going, he took it for a neighborhood spin. Probably not good to have a car sitting this long, but he said it purred along, so all seems good there. We also made it a point to get some things done to “reset” before hitting the road again; like Sadie’s vaccinations, dental appointments, tire rotation and brake inspection, wrapping presents (my mom has oodles of wrapping supplies), and last but not least, washing/waxing the truck. There was no way I was going to drop off the truck at the Ford Dealership with it looking that bad. There is a lot of square footage on that thing, so it’s always an all afternoon project. The vacuuming alone took 2 hours. It was bad with all of the dust and dog hair that’s accumulated the last 3 months. Thank goodness for mom’s Miele vacuum!

While mom put out her Holiday decorations, Jeff started making a homemade Lemon Meringue Pie with all of the lemons my mom’s dear friend Kathy had brought over from her tree for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to sample that one! I spent the afternoon helping my mom install a new OS on her computer and working out some functionality issues. Hoping tomorrow night we’ll fit in a few Holiday movies before we leave Friday morning for Napa.

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