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My Sister, My Friend

~Wednesday, March 10, 2021~

Day 269

In many cultures, a moth flying into your house is a sign of bad luck. A very large, beautiful gray moth had made our trailer its home the evening before, so I decided to do my good deed for the day and let it go, not for fear of ill-fortune, but for the simple reason it may have been hungry or thirsty. Happy travels.🦋

Happy Birthday 😘to my kind-hearted, smart, funny, beautiful sister today. Though we’re a few thousand miles apart, I’m there with you in spirit making a toast to you my dear. As kids, I never would have imagined that we would move out for the first time on our own together and become the best of friends. I’m very blessed to have a sister who I can also call my greatest friend.

It was another full day of planning out our lodging/route, at least through the end of July. Once again, our route will be a little wonky due to weather and Easter. It’s not the most ideal timing but we will be visiting Hannah, Devin and the grand kiddos in Illinois, early April, to be together for Easter. Then we’ll head back east to get out of Tornado Alley with the peak season of severe weather occurring in May.

Needing a break from looking at maps and computer screens, Jeff took Sadie to the doggie playground in the county park where we’re staying, while I headed to the grocery store. She swam, she ran, and had a good ‘ol time meeting a mass of dogs. For me, shopping was a success. But I have noticed one thing about our grocery bill as of late. We’re spending more on groceries than we did in California which has been quite a surprise. Part of the reason is less bulk shopping. All those years of purchasing food at Costco definitely saved us $ in the long run. But with RV storage at a minimum, we no longer have the luxury of buying the big block of cheese, the big pack of chicken, etc. There is also the waste factor. One of my biggest peeves is wasting food and must say, we’ve managed to buy efficiently and waste very little. Good food habits can only help curb the expense of it, right?

The highlight of my day was talking to my mom and catching up on the latest… COVID vaccines (yes she’s had hers!), how Biden is doing, our travel plans and of course the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. We must have been on the phone a few hours. Really missing our family!

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