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My Long Lost Son

~Saturday, June 11, 2022~

Day 727

Though we dreaded the 104 degree temperatures, I couldn’t wait to finally see my son today. Six months is way too long so I wanted to make sure I would see Shane before he flies out to see Jeff in Whitefish, MT this Wednesday. Because Shane likes to spend a little time in the kitchen, I thought it would be fun to have an afternoon of cooking together. So off to the grocery store I went for the ingredients to make Shane’s favorites…. homemade spaghetti, Caesar salad and garlic french bread. Never have I seen a jar of spaghetti sauce (for the base of our embellished sauce), that high. What??? $10 each? Even $5.00 is too much, which was what I ended up settling on.

To save us shipping, Shane was nice enough to go 30 minutes out of his way to pick up a part we needed for our trailer. Thank you Shane!! Then the big hugs came! It had been way too long since we last saw each other (Christmas). While enjoying my mother’s beautiful backyard, we had a great time catching up over delicious food and drink. Letting the time get away from us, we finally got a move on dinner prep.

Shane was in charge of the spaghetti sauce, mom-the french bread, and me-the Caesar salad.

A time to share, bond and work together. Love it!!

After enjoying a delicious meal together and before Shane had to go, Shane had a belated Mother’s Day gift for me……a First Aid Dog Kit, that he admitted was a “we” gift between Sadie and I. But really, what a great idea!! ; especially since we’ll be in some remote locations coming up in Alaska. The more prepared the better!! We couldn’t talk Shane into staying the night. So I look forward to seeing him in Napa for his birthday in October.

Talked to my hubby tonight who was looking forward to a shared campfire with his nextdoor neighbors, Alex and Alice from Germany; what a nice gesture, inviting Jeff and Sadie over. Jeff said the weather really took a turn since I left, with high winds, light rain and lightning. That’s what happens when your wife goes away. 😉

Having a few side effects today from my Shingles shot yesterday, I turned in early (10:00 p.m. is early for me) with exhaustion and a slight headache. Sorry mom that you didn’t have a helper, but I’ll make up for it with yard work!

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