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Mobile Technology

~Saturday, January 29, 2022~

Day 594

It’s official. We have a new baby……an electronic baby. Jeff’s really enjoying his new Dell laptop, that he had customized directly through Dell.

Initially I had an issue with such a big purchase since we already have a great laptop to use on the trip. Originally it just didn’t make sense to have two. But in the end, Jeff won out and I grew to understand his desire to manage his own photos (he wants to get back into photography) and dial in all the information we’ve gathered about the trip on his own computer. My husband is an Excel spreadsheet king. And since he’s used Windows for years, he prefers that over a Mac.

Campsite day taking care of chores. It feels good to be giving the trailer a little TLC, especially while we have hookups and are not limited to water or electric use. Task #1: cleaning the inside of the oven with no self-cleaning mode, but the Easy-Off works very well with very little scrubbing required. Task #2: cleaning the shower, including the vinyl shower curtain. One of my biggest gripes about the trailer is the shower curtain design. It’s terrible. It’s one of those accordion style shower curtains where the stitched flap side is on the inside, where water gets trapped inside at the bottom of it, resulting in mold. We’re on our second shower curtain because of it. The second one was at no charge because of my complaint of the design and it hadn’t even been a year since we owned the trailer. I don’t think I could get away with the same result on a third complaint❓When we received the second one, Jeff clear caulked the heck out of it to keep water out of the fold, but with all the opening and closing, the caulk eventually wore out. We’re going to order a third one, with plans to tackle the mold issue differently. It’s that, or come up with a completely new shower design. Stay tuned on that. Jeff’s mission was cleaning the stabilizer jacks and applying the graphite spray to keep the screws and any moving parts running smoothly. Stabilizer jacks are now happy campers.

After our chores, we took a drive to downtown Tucson for a brewsky at Borderlands Brewery. Located in the historic warehouse arts district, the 100-year old brick building was a former produce warehouse. The coolness extends to a dimly lit brick courtyard that is dog friendly with plenty of tables and live music Friday/Saturday nights. The solo guitarist/singer was great playing mostly cover songs by Jason Miraz and John Mayer. But as the night went on, he was losing his voice. He kept apologizing, struggling to sing, mostly relying on his guitar, which was magnificent. Regardless, it was still a nice accompaniment to our beers while we browsed through our new “bible” for planning our upcoming trip to Alaska. It’s called The Milepost, Alaska’s legendary trip planner and travel guide. A lot of RV families we follow on Instagram swear by this guide as it has everything; every mile marker, every route, with details about every destination you could ever want. We’re really looking forward to using it, hoping to have Alaska and the rest of the year planned out and booked, while we’re in Tucson.

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