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Missing Keys

~Wednesday, March 24, 2021~

Day 283

Just as I was about to make a big, beautiful breakfast Jeff said, “I’m outta here!” “What…’re leaving me?”, I replied. (kidding). But seriously, he just couldn’t stand not having those keys for one more second. Problem…..they’re 1-½ hours away. But I totally got it. Just too risky for a bear to take them away or an unsuspecting camper adding it to his key collection. So off he went.

While Jeff headed back to our previous campsite in Georgia, Sadie and I took a great hike from our campsite towards

Lake Placid, located right in the state park where we’re staying. We walked down to the Park Center (like a visitor center) to check out the other trails in the surrounding area and tried out a few of them, before going back to our campsite. This place must really be hoppin’ during the summer months with the many lakeside offerings….beach, paddle boating, canoeing, kayaking and docks to jump off of.

About 2 hours later, I got the call that the keys were found and in the exact same spot Jeff had left them. Good thing the office staff hadn’t picked them up and stored them in their office yet, because the office was completely shut down for the day and it was only 2:00 p.m. (everyone’s office hours are wonky and unreliable with COVID). Keys in hand, and ready to head home, Jeff spotted a pile of firewood for sale right next to the highway and decided to pull over to check it out; that is until a pit bull came running towards the truck. Well then, I guess we’re not that desperate for firewood after all.

By the time Jeff got back, the day was kind of shot. So, we’ll have to check out downtown Greenville another day. It’s kind of strange to be back in a city that we visited just a few years ago, that we conceived to be a strong possibility of moving to. Yet, there was still very little that we knew about. It was in October of 2018 that Jeff and I flew out to Greenville, SC with the sole purpose of seeing if it was a place we could call home in our not too distant future. This was all before we were even considering a year of RV living, but we knew at the time that we needed to get out of California. We knew it was time for a change. It really is amazing to see what we’ve actually put into motion these last few years and what we have packed in these last 9 months. I pinch myself sometimes.

Thinking back to all of the preparations in trying to get the show on the road seemed like such a daunting task….selling our stuff, putting what was left in storage, selling our house, selling our cars, quitting our jobs, leaping into the great unknown…...all challenges, all felt so out of reach. The hardest part was just leaping. I knew that we would look back on those days and ask ourselves, “How did we do it? And what the heck are we doing, towing around and living in a 200 sq. foot box?” It was a scary thought, but the excitement and intrigue about seeing this great country of ours and doing something so out of our comfort zone far outweighed our fears. We’re so grateful we took the leap, let go of fear, and created the moment.🌻

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