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Missing Alaska!

~Saturday, September 17, 2022~

Day 825

Day 89 of Alaska Trip

With not much to talk about for today’s post, we just wanted to say “hi”! We hope you’ve enjoyed our reports from the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, as we now make our way slowly back south. Though Canada is beautiful, we’re already missing Alaska as it made such an impact on us. It won’t be long till we pay it a visit again.

It wasn’t a day with much to report, but we did get a lot done at the campsite. Sadie enjoyed keeping an eye on the forest while I worked on the usual stuff that keeps those posts rolling. Jeff worked on several different things…..emptying the back of the truck to air it out and lay all the wet stuff out to dry….hoses, fittings, etc. It’s been so cold and damp lately, it’s made it hard to air stuff out. He also worked on our main door to the rig which has been stubborn lately in being able to close. He also cleaned/lubed all the joints at the awnings, then cleaned and treated all the gaskets for the slides. Now everything slides, glides and opens and closes with ease, minus the squeaks too.

And to top off a low-key day, a nice mesmerizing campfire on our last night at Wolf Creek.

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