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Mini But Mighty

~Monday, December 6, 2021~

Day 540

It’s been a little whirl-windish ever since we arrived in Napa, but I’m still hopeful we’ll get to see more of our friends while we’re here. I know this will be a bit challenging with everyone so busy this time of year.

Jeff took an hour trip to American Canyon to score on a Christmas present for Shane. When you know how limited the inventory is these days, you’ve got to hop on your purchase ASAP.

While Jeff took care of a few projects at the trailer, I took the truck to head out into the wild sea of Christmas shoppers. Though I’ve purchased all my gifts ahead of time, there’s always a few odds and ends, plus those stocking stuffers to tackle. I must have hit 6 stores which all shared one thing in common…….sparse inventory. I was trying to get a few more Christmas decorations for the trailer, but found mostly the picked over stuff. I managed to find a few little things, but realized it was probably a sign that I really didn’t NEED these things anyway. At least I scored on a live

mini-Christmas tree for our table. Who knows, if we take really good care of it, it might end up on our next property.

By day’s end, the trailer was dialed in with its festiveness, even if it is only until the 15th of December. We’ll be dropping off the trailer in San Leandro for its alignment and brake inspection that day before heading to my mother’s for the remainder of December. One by one, the list is getting tackled.

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