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Maxing Out

~Wednesday, September 30, 2020~

Day 108

A great way to start the day. We just discovered the so-called repaired shelf in our bedroom became detached once again. Steven assured us that it was good to go this time around with the repair. I was a bit frustrated at the time, because I thought we were getting a whole new shelf. The original one, and the one currently in the trailer was bowed. It’s obviously not anchored enough to something solid. The time and expense it’s costing us to go back to Riverside to do these repairs is impeding our trip. So now we have 3 items that need to be redone. The good news is it’s all under warranty.

Oh, and the covers over the skylights and vents helped. We're thinking it kept the trailer about 5 degrees warmer. The rivets/buttons for one of the skylights were not put in the right place so one of the covers does not fit properly. Add to the list.

Since we’re in our 7th day here and have exhausted most of our fresh water, and maxed out the gray/black tanks we needed to head into Cedar City which was about 20 miles away. We filled 2 propane tanks, filled up the diesel and regular gas backup tanks, and after a challenging bit, fresh water. Water is always the hardest to find, and we just needed enough to fill 3 of our collapsible plastic bottles. Now we’re good.

We also wanted to get a jump on breaking down a few things today since we will be leaving tomorrow morning. Sadie kept busy chasing her ball while we worked. Now we’re ready for tomorrow.

A full moon tonight, so we had to walk out to the meadow with our furry friend. Everything was so well lit, you didn’t need a headlamp (even though we brought one for fear of tripping on the many boulders on our walk). And we weren’t alone. In this particular meadow, there are a few RV’s here that you can tell are just left here, with their owners returning on the weekends or what have you. Well, we must have alarmed one of them, as he was returning to his trailer in the dark, and saw Jeff’s headlamp on in the distance, wondering who would be out here in the middle of nowhere. He couldn’t drive any further on the rough road to meet us, but definitely made his presence known shining his car headlights at us for over 10 minutes. As we were walking back, he turned around and went back to his campsite. Of course anyone is allowed to be out here, he just thought maybe there were some hoodlums out here where they shouldn’t be. Wow, I didn’t know we looked like bruisers.

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