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Making Plans

~Sunday, November 8, 2020~

Day 147

What a night last night. I wished I’d recorded it. We had the windiest, thunderous (is that a word?🤪), rainiest storm come through Santa Fe last night that likely disrupted everyone’s sleep. It’s amazing how magnified rain and wind are when you’re in a metal box.

We had an easy Sunday day watching football (no 49’er game today😟), opening mail (always an event), and planning out our itinerary while staying in Santa Fe. We are trying to pack a lot into the 7 days we will be here. So stay tuned as the week unfolds. We actually added one more day to our stay here. Fortunately, our site was still available so we’re now leaving on Saturday instead of Friday. We have a Zoom meeting scheduled for Friday that we failed to write on the calendar, so Friday was not a good “Travel Day”. Great… extra day in Santa Fe. We’re also getting in touch with a realtor in the area and emailing a list of homes we like, with the inventory being quite good for this time of year. Santa Fe is a definite contender. Love the culture, art/music scene, population amount, the landscape and all there is to do outdoors. And their food scene is incredible. In fact, we can’t wait to go back to our favorite…..Cafe Pasqual tomorrow for a late lunch.

Before we left to go check out the brew pub scene, Jeff took Sadie to a wonderful dog park just inside our RV place. They have a tub full of balls, toys and throw chucks, so Sadie was in heaven. Perfect spot to get out some energy. So a dog walk, and a dog treat, and we’re good to go.

The brewery that we wanted to check out is rated one of the best in Santa Fe called Rowley Farmhouse Ales, just down the road from where we’re staying. Jeff was trying to find a brewery place in the “square”, but there don’t seem to be any there. The place has an adobe vibe inside but the outside covered patio where we sat, is rustic modern with a metal roof, exposed lumber framing and loose rock for the floor. Our server was awesome and found out that he is one of their investors in the place with no beer making skills whatsoever. As he put it, “I leave that to the professionals”. The first 4 oz. beer I had I did not like (good thing I only got 4 oz.), but the second one was great. Jeff had one of their own IPA’s called “Agent Scully-Season 4, Episode 1” and another locally made beer. It’s worth just checking out the names of their beer selection; names like “Prostrator Doppelbock” and ‘Ninety Schilling”. The cheese platter was delicious with 3 kinds of cheeses, marcona almonds, heavy grain mustard, sweet pickles, chutney and a duck pate which neither of us tried. Fun place, great beer (except for my first one). Highly recommend.

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