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Love This Campsite

~Thursday, January 13, 2022~

Day 578

Nice to have a sleep in day after all the driving lately. It’s a beautiful day here in Apache Junction with a strong scent of juniper in the air from nearby campfires. We’ll have to make sure we get some of that firewood too. Our campsite has plenty of room to spread out complete with a firepit and an oversized picnic table. And the sites are really spread apart as if you have your own desert landscaped private oasis. And the scenery is just amazing. In the coming days, after I’m 100% we definitely plan on taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and park amenities.

Not much to report today. As I laid low getting a little paperwork done, Jeff checked a few things off his to do list too. One task was replacing the sail switch for the propane heater. It’s one of those parts that’s super important, but incredibly wimpy; a bit too easy to break. So we’ve decided to order a back up one to have on hand for when, not if it breaks again. We’ve done the same thing with our water pump and a few other parts. They don’t take up space and weigh very little. An ounce of prevention……a pound of cure as I say! Thank you Jeff for giving us a cozier home tonight.

As we were enjoying our evening, a lively group of about 10 at the campsite behind us, was having quite the night. They looked about our age, and it appeared they were making up for lost time, not having seen each other for quite a while. It was actually fun hearing their fun, even though it lasted way past quiet hours. Our guess is if there were no complaints, the camphosts wouldn’t enforce the rules. At least the 50-something group had good taste in music….Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Def Leppard, Boston, Zac Brown Band, etc. We’ll see if the party continues tomorrow!

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