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Love Our Place

~Friday, August 14, 2020~

Day 61

Boy, we’re really going from one extreme to another with weather. Last night dipped to the upper 30’s, and the trailer to the upper 40’s. It’s the first time we had to turn on the heater and the fireplace, which really puts out the heat. But I’d much rather be here than back in Bakersfield’s 100+ degree weather. There’s even a record heat wave going on in Napa right now, hovering around 105. And with the heat, comes “brownouts” where power grids are routinely shut down throughout the state to distribute power more evenly throughout the state. After talking to my mom this evening, she had just gone through a 3-hour one.

We unfortunately spent most of our morning finalizing the letter we were submitting to Ford Motor Co., listing a chronology of events that prevented us from moving forward with our trip. We are also requesting reimbursement for expenses as well as an extended warranty package. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

We needed a break, so we took a trip to Wallowa Lake to check out the campground. On the way there, we went through the quaint little town of Joseph which has a lot of fun shops, brew pubs and restaurants. Hopefully we’ll have some time to check it out even further. Once you’ve entered the Wallowa Lake area, there is quite an array of activities to choose from…..Go karts, Wallowa Tram Ride, horseback riding, boating/kayaking/fishing and hiking trails. Then there’s the campground. After exploring Wallowa Lake and the 4 campground loops, we decided we’re staying at the perfect place for us, just north of the lake at Mountain View Motel/RV Park.

There’s just too many people at the Wallowa Lake Campground, with all of the sites close together so everyone looks crammed in there. If you have a young family, it’s a perfect destination with so much to do here. Wallowa Lake itself is beautiful and chilly. Sadie finally had her time in it where the cold doesn’t even phase her, especially when she has a stick to retrieve.

When we got back to the campsite, we looked over some accommodation options for our next stop in northern Idaho, while listening to the cows that surround the property. Even Sadie got a kick out of it too.

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