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Love Adobe!

~Saturday, November 7, 2020~

Day 146

What a day for celebration. By 10:00 a.m. our time, they announced Joe Biden as the 46th President-elect alongside Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris (the first woman Vice-President who is also of African-American and Indian descent to ever win). I think we’re ending 2020 on a positive note with a leader who wants to unify the country and put differences aside, focusing on putting an end to this pandemic and making our democracy what it is meant to be. Hallelujah!

Now for a hike to celebrate and the weather was perfect. A lot of overcast, but not too cool. We found this great hiking area called the Camino Cruz Blanca Trail, about 3-½ miles long, close to St. John’s private school. The school is set on a 30-acre parcel in the Pecos Wilderness, a very secluded area, also home to some beautiful multi-million dollar estates that all seem to blend in beautifully with the Santa Fe landscape and backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

There are many hiking trails near the college, leaving you many options, but we decided on the Blanca Trail. From the parking lot, you don’t feel like you’re on a trail, as you meander on a well-groomed gravel walkway that winds through private adobe style properties (mostly gated), until you arrive at the main trailhead. As Jeff mentioned, this trail made him feel like he was in a pueblo style diorama. It was so different from any trails we had been on recently. You’re surrounded by bristlecone pine, white fir and aspen trees, along with the occasional cactus plants. And the trail, as it breaks off into other trails, was very well signed. And Sadie met some other furry friends as well. We didn’t feel comfortable letting her off leash at all with all of the low lying prickly cactus. We made it back to the car before the rain came, and witnessed quite a sunset.

The plan originally was to go to the “square” but decided to do that tomorrow as we wanted to be back in time to hear President-elect Joe Biden’s victory speech and are we glad we did. Biden and Harris’s speeches were so refreshing as they were about bringing this country together making their election, about healing the nation.

We had a great group Facetime call too, with my mom and sister, Tracy and husband Tim. Great to catch up and make a toast to the next 4 years!

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