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Loud Generators and a New Trend?

~Tuesday, March 7, 2023~

Day 997

Just like clockwork, we began the day with the sound of an annoying generator (not ours), instead of the peaceful wildlife sounds that we were meant to be listening to. I guess it could be worse if our neighbors were right next to us. And it appears we must endure another day of it, as they don’t seem to be going anywhere. SHUCKS!

Beating the heat, we spent the majority of the day in our nice, cool trailer with only an interruption of having to get more water; mind you, we’re only using it for dishes and showers. We have plenty of the store bought water to tie us over until we leave Thursday. We cannot wait to begin using our new water filter system which should arrive in the next few days at our campground in The Keys. Believe me, we’ll be doing a whole post on that one!

It was an easy day with Jeff sinking into a new book while I worked on a recently started cross-stitch project (a gift for my second grandson). I love anything to do with sewing, so it’s a perfect activity to bring on the road without the requirement of a sewing machine. It’s pretty shocking that in 2-½ years of being on the road, I haven’t picked up 1 single book because of my stitching endeavors. But I hope to get back into some book time, especially since we’ve purchased a total of 50 books so far from each state. The “footprints” library is quite full, so I better get crackin’! If interested, we have a list of our finest reads on our website…..

And wouldn’t you know it?!! We actually had dinner on the table by 6:30 like most people. It felt a bit strange, yet very pleasant to have everything done, including dishes by 8:00 p.m. Normally, we’re just getting things started at that hour. Our bodies surely must have been thanking us for finally not going to bed on a full stomach. A new trend perhaps??

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