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Lots Accomplished

~Friday, May 14, 2021~

Day 334

In less than 1 day since arriving in Williamsburg, we’ve managed to grocery shop, do our laundry (it’s been 3 weeks-ugh 😩!), schedule our first COVID vaccine, connect with a realtor in Williamsburg, and plan our November (yeh-the only month we had left to schedule). Yes, I know…….the route is planned and the lodging is booked for 2021. Believe it or not, we should already be also booking our Winter through Spring plans as well, since so many of the warmer spots book rapidly.

Now for our more immediate plans while in Williamsburg. As I said before, we’ve visited the 3 major historic districts 2 times before and can’t get enough of the history, beauty, outdoor activities and eateries. Did you know that senior citizens can take up to 3 free classes a year at the premier public research university of William and Mary? It is ranked as one of THE top cities to live in the U.S. and with the whole state of Virginia, there’s a festival in just about every part of the state on any given weekend. So let’s see what unfolds in these next 5 days of re-exploring!

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