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Looking Forward to Seeing Family

~Saturday, June 12, 2021~

Day 363

Woke up at 6:30 a.m. which is early for me. The rare times that I’m up that early, I really do enjoy the calm and serenity of it, but also find the late evenings to be just as peaceful. I’ve been a night owl ever since I can remember, so it would be hard to change my sleep pattern now.

It’s been quite warm with the high around 95 degrees, but feels more like 105 because of the humidity. So aside from taking Sadie down to the water to get a dip, we hung out at the campground today just trying to get a few tourist things squared away for our upcoming visit to the U.P. of Michigan. I’ve noticed a lot of people posting photos of Mackinac Island on Instagram lately, which sparked a little fear in us to get our bookings in order for ferry rides, carriage tours and overall excursions. After a little research we found out that the ferry rides are not pre-booked and are on a first come first serve basis, so that takes a little pressure off. We have plans to bring our bikes over on the ferry, so we don’t have to rent. Bike rentals are expensive ($20/hr.). But even if you bring your own bike to the island, they still make money by charging a bike fee ($11) to bring it on the ferry, in addition to the ferry ride which is $26/adult, a $3.00 convenience fee to book the ferry, plus a $1 Island License Fee. Anything else people? And this is just the transportation. Jeff and I have a feeling we’re in for one of those experiences where, ya know……$20 burgers, $5 bottles of water, $15 beers, all because they can. We’ve wanted to see this part of Michigan for so long, we’re sure it will all be worth it in the end. Even better…..our brother-in-law Tim will be joining us for that portion of the trip, but sadly, my sis won’t be able to join us since work duties call. We’re hoping she’ll be able to join us another time soon.

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