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Longer Than You Think

~Thursday, October 15, 2020~

Day 123

Today was a day of tightening up screws, replacing lost bolts, and for 2 hours Jeff dealing with a pocket door dilemma. We have 2 of these doors in our that separates the living room/kitchen from the bathroom area, and another door that separates the bathroom from the master bedroom. Well, the one that separates the bathroom from the bedroom had completely come off of its bracket up top, so it’s basically just resting on the floor. Jeff had all the parts ready to go for what should have been about a 30 minute job, but quickly turned into 2 hours of frustration. There is a plastic piece that holds the bracket piece in place which was completely broken (it pains me that they use plastic in these things that become brittle over time, get a lot of use, and just don’t hold up). And you won’t find that kind of replacement at Ace Hardware (we checked anyway). Jeff did find an RV place that does have what we think will work which we can pick up in a few days on our way to our next destination. In the meantime, he was able to “Macgyver” what was there by bending the metal piece to at least hold the bracket in place for the time being.

As we know, most projects either take twice as long as you think they will, or you have to buy a new tool to fix what is broken. Jeff actually likes the latter so he can expand his already large tool collection. You can never have enough tools.

What did I do all day….responded to emails, updated the website, cleaned and best of all, filmed Jeff doing his fix-it projects.

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