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Little Water, More Beach

~Friday, April 8, 2022~

Day 663

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the campsite in full sun and higher temps from what we’ve been experiencing at the Grand Canyon. We’ve now descended from 7,000 feet to around 3,500 feet. Again, no wind so we were able to enjoy a lovely outdoor French Toast breakfast. And to think our concerns about it being too windy nearly made us scrap our Lake Powell plans. Hopefully I’m not jinxing it. Sadie is also enjoying watching all the activity and soaking in the sun while being visited by our guest ravens.

They seem fearless as they nibble on whatever they can find in the sand, only a few feet from Sadie.

It appears we now have a new Cruise America neighbor on one side of us, and a sprinter van with Oregon plates on the other. Everyone is very polite in giving each other plenty of space to spread out, so that everyone isn’t piled on top of eachother to get a water’s edge view. And generator use has been kept to a minimum. Sadie is relishing the sand and of course tempted by water.

We’re not letting her swim in this portion of Lake Powell as they say the “arms'' may be more contaminated due to low water levels. Let’s hope the sand isn’t threatening as well.😳

Since we arrived with very little water to lighten the load, Jeff headed over to the water station, only to find it closed for winterizing (still?). Luckily, there was a second option just down the road at Wahweap Campground. Little did he expect a trip down memory lane as well. When he got to Wahweap, he remembered vividly that this was where he and his family stayed years ago while touring the Lake Powell area in their old Chevy station wagon. He was about 10 years old at the time and said everything about it looked the same, except for the water levels of course. It’s so cool that he was able to recapture a family memory by revisiting an old, familiar place.

We enjoyed a sunset walk over to the busier portion of the “campground”, realizing we had made the right decision to stay in the quieter section. We actually like being above everything as opposed to being closer to the water. Much of the sand has blown over the more compressed layer of ground, making walking in sandals a challenge. So off came the shoes. On the way back, it was nice to see the many campfires dotting the landscape with the sun sinking in the distance. Taking advantage of the warmer evening temperatures, we enjoyed hanging outside until dark, knowing it would be a late dinner for sure. A curious bat seemed to be enjoying his evening meal of bugs or whatever was flying around our campsite. Thank you Mr. Bat!

It was a late dinner, but worth the wait. Jeff made grilled cheese sandwiches to go with his delicious homemade Tomato Bean Soup (one of our favorite healthier soups that has been binder worthy for years). So much flavor! With all the amazing dishes we’ve made on this trip so far (Jeff does most of the dinners), maybe a cooking blog for RVer’s is in our future?

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