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Little Italy

~Wednesday, July 15, 2020~

Day 31

We wanted to get a jump start on exiting Jenning’s Lake on Thursday, so off to the dump station to empty the gray/black tanks. The whole process is getting a bit faster, but man, nearly 2 hours of work, and I hadn’t even had my coffee yet. But, I did get my shower in!

Everything looks great for us to drive to Riverside tomorrow to drop off the trailer for a few days, with pickup hopefully Saturday after spending a few days at Hannah and Devin’s in San Marcos. And they get Easton tomorrow so yeah for us! We also found out some other good news that Shane, Trevor and Trevor’s dad were flying down to San Diego tonight to do a deep sea fishing trip. Trevor and his dad Bill, had just caught a 250 lb. tuna last week, so they’re itching to go out again. Anyway, we’re hoping to see Shane too, while he’s here.

After we got a list of things done here, we drove to San Diego, specifically to the Little Italy district to meet up with Hannah, Devin and Carson for dinner at Civico 1845. The evening was perfect with the weather in the mid 70’s, where we sat outside and even brought along Sadie.

She even may have had a few little Italian morsels too. The food and drinks just kept coming as we all had very little to eat during the day. We all took turns holding Carson, which he seemed to like with all of the smiles we saw. We had been there for over 3 hours, when the owner/manager came to our table and kindly told us, the tables are reserved for 90 minutes slots and if we would let others get our spot. So we had definitely overstayed our welcome. I’ve never been asked to leave a restaurant before, but I can’t remember the last time I sat at a table for 3 hours either. We obviously were having a great time. Originally, we were going to try and meet up with Shane on Bill’s boat tonight, but it was a little late for a get together, as I’m sure they have an early day on the boat tomorrow.

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