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Like We Were Never Apart

~Friday, December 3, 2021~

Day 537

Before the power was restored at 3:30 a.m., our trailer got down to 50 degrees which isn’t too bad considering the lower temps we’ve had before. We haven’t seen skies like these for a while….drizzly overcast weather with its coastal influence of the Pacific Ocean and the refreshing smells that come with that. Interestingly enough, the more we drive around, the more it feels like we never left at all. I guess that comes with living somewhere a long time.

As I left to meet up with my bestie Michele for a morning walk, I found out more about last night’s accident. Our camp host said that the driver of the car claimed his unfamiliarity with the roads in the area was the cause of last night’s accident. Even so, what is the excuse for driving 60 in a 35, and the fact there is a LARGE yellow sign ahead with an arrow indicating the sharp turn. It would be interesting to know if alcohol played a factor.

With Sadie and I on our way to meet Michele and Turbo (her canine companion), Sadie was back to her old whimpering ways, the entire 15-minute drive. Excitement whimpering. In fact, it was so funny, I had to call Jeff to have him listen. She definitely knows where she is. Whenever we would go on our daily hikes, anywhere, she would always whimper with excitement. Since everything has been so unfamiliar for her and us, it was actually nice to hear it again, seeing her so happy. Big hugs for my bestie. It has been way too long. But what’s so amazing about our friendship, our sisterhood, is that no matter where you go, or how far apart you’ve been, there’s a special connection that we have unlike anyone else. I’m grateful to have her in my life. We just pick up where we left off as if time or places hasn’t changed a thing. The dogs enjoyed their playtime while we enjoyed our tea/coffee. Sadie even got bonus treats today since Turbo is on a chicken-free diet. Score! Michele was so sweet to give me a birthday gift of lavender soap and cork coasters for the trailer (perfect for their light weight). The coasters have hilarious parodies of hit songs on them like….”it must have been love, but I’m sober now” from the “Pretty Woman” soundtrack, and another one….. “if you like bean enchiladas, and getting caught in the rain” from the Rupert Holmes song “Escape”. funny cork (lightweight) coasters for the trailer. She also gave us a Christmas cactus for the trailer. Yeh…..more festiveness and nice to have a real plant again. Gosh, I miss my gardening! Since Michele had an appointment, we

only got a 30 minute walk in with the doggies. At least it was something. We can’t wait to get in some good hikes while we’re here.

Jeff had some errands to run now that the truck was back. I stayed back to get caught up on some writing and do a little Christmas decorating. It was a successful trip to the hardware store since he was on a mission to find new hinges for our built-in hamper and beefier screws for our fireplace. Our hamper is one of those that tilts toward you and appears they installed the same metal hinges they put in on the cabinetry. The cabinet hinges are fine but when the hinge is at the base and can’t support the weight of the clothes inside, it was inevitable it was going to break. So it will be nice to replace those. And for our fireplace, whenever we’re on the move, it seems to get a bit loose from the all the bouncing. So Jeff inspected the screws they used to keep it in place, and they’re pretty wimpy too. Come on Lance…….they build things so solidly, we’re not sure why they chintzed on a couple of items. The fireplace hasn’t been secured in its spot for a few weeks and faces where the dining room slide comes in. So to keep it from bouncing around and scratching the outside of the slide (when the slide is in), I had to put our area rug in between the two surfaces (the fireplace and the slide). We had to do this several times between trips and was nervous that I would bring the slide out, forgetting that the rug was there. I remembered a few times, until the last time, here at Skyline, when I didn’t think, and just hit the button. The slide was about a ¼ of the way out, when I saw a corner of the rug and immediately stopped. Sure enough, the rug was caught in the slide. Not good!! Jeff and I were basically freaking out. The only solution was to bring the slide back into its starting position, then see if the rug would come loose, and it did. Whew. Another disaster averted. Where’s my margarita?

Since the Golden State Warriors were playing the Phoenix Suns, we had to be in a place to watch it. Since we’ve exhausted all of our “Fubo” and “YouTube’ trials, it was either have dinner at a brewery or a basketball/dinner night at Casa Michele’s. We picked up some yummy Villa Corona Mexican food and headed over to Michele’s. So good to visit over delicious food that we’ve missed so much. Villa Corona makes the best Carnitas burritos! And the Warriors (at home), beat the Suns 118 to 96. Woo hoo!! 🏀🙌

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