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Like Minded People

~Tuesday, September 15, 2020~

Day 93

Nothing to write home about folks, as we spent our whole day at our campsite in Irwin, Idaho. We know we’ll be back to the area soon, but with hopefully clearer skies so we can see those amazing Grand Tetons! There was still a lot of smoke in the air today, with a little more visibility. We had good intentions to get out and explore this morning, but we had a lot of loose business to take care of and before you knew it, it was already 4:00. What was awesome though is all the fine people we were able to talk to today. Our attorney, our CPA, our daughter, my mother, my sister and brother-in-law and my bestie Michele. Whew, now to chill those vocal cords.

In the early evening we took a walk across the river near our campsite so Sadie could have a dip and get some energy out. While we were there, we met a very nice couple from Bozeman, Montana, a little older than us, but interested in traveling to find their next city to retire in. They’re in the same situation as us, being empty nesters and wanting to downsize. They still own their home in Bozeman, but have become disenchanted with the changes in their community over the years. Of course we exchanged information. Look forward to hearing about how things pan out for them.

It was a late Taco Tuesday dinner. Hitting the road tomorrow morning for a 6 hour drive to Wells, Nevada (somewhat of a halfway point to Manteca, California).

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