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Like it Was Yesterday

~Thursday, December 10, 2020~

Day 179 (Travel Day)

Lots of last minute wrapping for both my mom and I before Jeff and I are leaving her place, so we can take the gifts down south when we see Hannah and Devin (trying to avoid as much shipping as possible). It’s been a wonderful visit with my mom and I know it meant a lot to her that we spent time with her during the holidays, even if it’s not Christmas Day. Hugs and kisses and we’re off to Napa to spend a few days with my bestie Michele, hopefully meeting her new beau, Noah, and to see our son Shane. Michele’s daughter, Sharayah, was arriving the same day too from San Luis Obispo, for a short visit before continuing on to Portland, OR to see her friend Jill. Whew…..trying to get it all in. It was so great feeling those hugs again, and seeing Sadie and Michele’s gorgeous Samoyed, Turbo 🐾. Lots of excitement in the air all around.

We had the tour of Michele’s new temporary digs and a very nice home I might add. It’s perfect for her as she figures out her next, more permanent move in purchasing a home. No one felt like cooking that night, and we were craving one of our favorite Mexican food places called Villa Corona. All good as Shane picked up the food after work, and hung out with us at Michele’s. A great visit. It had been way too long not seeing our son.

We also got a few pictures of Easton next to the felt Christmas Tree we had ordered for him, so he could at least enjoy it the majority of the Holiday. He did a great job decorating it himself!

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