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Leaving Florida!

~Wednesday, February 3, 2021~

Day 234 (Travel Day)

Just when I thought we were free and clear from any animal attacks...ya know, alligators, snakes, water moccasins, we now apparently have another animal to watch out for…….falling iguanas. 😳😬Thanks to our good friend Mimi, she gave us the “heads up” 🙄that with the freezing temperatures, iguanas are known to literally fall from trees. Raining iguanas🦎….who knew??

Nice to have a short travel day. The 2 hour drive was smooth from Jacksonville to Savannah, GA, seeing peaches instead of oranges…...on license plates that is. Yes folks, we’ve finally left the sunshine state. We always had a plan of being in Florida for the whole month of January. What we didn’t have planned until recently was to return again in February. Since the groundhog saw his shadow, I guess we’re in for a longer winter. So staying as far south as possible is also in the forecast. Looking forward to more frollicking time in The Keys.

Arrived to Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah, GA at a good time. One noticeable thing is how pristine the park is. And our timing is great as they just completed a beautiful new visitor center last week. We found it interesting that there is no kiosk at the entry, though we’ve seen this a few other times on the trip. To get your site tag and map, you have to go into the visitor center; a clever way to get more foot traffic into the “gift shop” area 😉 They even accept packages and allow outgoing mail. Made sure not to fall victim to the firewood sale. At only $7.00/large bundle, it seems like a bargain, until you lift it and notice moisture inside the plastic wrapping. Remember Jeff’s fire making incident at Long Key Campground? (see Jan. 25th post). We’ll either stick to harvesting the dead wood around our campground or buy it at Wal-Mart. Yes, Wal-Mart sells firewood. For goodness sake, Amazon even sells firewood. What is this world coming too?

As we went seeking out our new “home” for the next few days, we noticed we’re still in Spanish moss laden live oak territory…’s everywhere and oh so beautiful. However, it’s not as dense and jungly as the previous Kathryn Abbey campground. And these campsites are HUGE!! You could easily tandem the pull throughs and put 2 rigs in per site on the back-ins. Not complaining whatsoever, just an observation. Sadie of course, is in heaven with forest behind and a wide open space to have ball time. We have electricity and water but no sewer; however, the dump station is right inside the park. As we route north, we’ve made sure to book campsites that have at least 30A electricity so we can run the fireplace and portable space heater. If you remember, the heater started failing us over a month ago. The heater fan still runs, but the pilot light is just not igniting. And yes… was already added to the long to do list a while back. Notice how we haven’t brought up that list in a while. Hoping to check a few more things off of it while we’re here. 🙄

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