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Learning Curve

~Saturday, June 13, 2020~

Pre-Launch Day 5

Spent most of the day going through stuff for the rig, and becoming familiar with how things work around here….the stuff outside and the stuff inside. You can tell the first month or so will be a huge learning curve for us, but we’re looking forward to this new way of camping. Jeff has followed numerous families, some with loads of knowledge and some not so much who are quite entertaining to watch when you hear all about their blunders. We take comfort knowing every RV’er goes through these challenges. But there’s also the emotional hurdle when you are learning a new way to live outside the creature comforts of home, especially for 1 year. Thank goodness we’re already seasoned campers or this may not go well. We are putting a little pressure on ourselves in terms of supplying our RV with nearly everything we could think that we would need. We didn’t want to have to worry about missing anything to make the trip go as smoothly as possible. What most people may take years to accumulate, we are shrinking down to a few months. We wanted the trip to be as much about the experiences, and less worry about supplies and necessities. With one exception....dialing in the coffee supplies.

It’s been a blessing that Skyline was our “getting to know the Lance” place with water and electricity hookups and a dump station. Today, we met our neighbors across from us, from Sacramento and a couple from San Mateo next to us, with their beautiful 30’ Airstream. Karena also stopped by with her energetic self and her delicious cooking of stuffed mushrooms.

She is one talented lady! So fun to catch up since we hadn’t seen her in a while.. Hope to meet up with her on the road at some point.

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