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Laundry Day!

~Wednesday, June 24, 2020~

Day 10

Spent the morning trying to fix issues with my camera and uploading photos to my MacBook Pro. Apparently, I need an adapter for the camera cable to work with my laptop’s Thunderbolt port, so I ordered today on Amazon. I really didn’t want to record the trip on my Iphone (quality not as good). Also on the to do list was solving the issues with the Jensen stereo in the Lance. We were able to connect to wi-fi before but for the last week, nothing. I checked some online forums and apparently this has been an issue before. So we tried some of the suggestions of cutting power, including the battery, to reset things. That didn’t work, so tech support it is. Apparently, anytime you “forget the device” on your laptop or phone, the stereo has to be reset. 5 minutes and voila! Nice to see you again Pandora. We also spent part of the day doing laundry.

2 weeks worth...ugh:-( But it’s convenient being right at Del Mar. Isn’t it great doing laundry right on the beach? and cheap…$1.50/wash load and $1.00/dry load.

Tonight was spaghetti night with Jeff’s famous sauce. While Hannah and I were out doing errands, Jeff prepped the sauce. What a delicious dinner at our site with the kids and Carson (Easton will be back tomorrow). Our next door neighbors had set up an outdoor movie night with their foldable movie screen and projector. Something to keep in mind down the road for our grandkids. Before bed, 2 amphibious tanks drove by heading out for some night training, or so we thought. Very cool to be able to witness this stuff while on base.

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