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Lather Up!

~Sunday, December 26, 2021~

Day 560

After a much needed sleep-in time this morning, we eased into our day meeting Tracy at a local Peet’s for one last visit before she and Tim had a return flight back to Lake Oswego. It was an unexpected treat seeing Shane waltz through the door for a cup of Joe before heading back to Napa and just one more hug to last me until next time. After a nice visit and our caffeine fix, there was still time for Tracy to join us in a midday stroll through the neighborhood. Despite the cold, mom and Bella joined in our brief outing. You could tell families and friends were still gathered, by the extra cars parked along the street. Eager for a little more cardio, Jeff, Sadie and I continued the brisk pace, heading up “the hill”. The snow elevation is supposed to drop to 500 feet. Crossing our fingers for a little dusting.

Sadie enjoyed her bathtime with her favorite part being the warm blow-dry at the end. It’s so funny watching her nearly nod off during the process. I myself enjoyed a little lather time with my first shampoo after my recent visit to the salon. With 5” gone, it doesn’t quite feel the same nor does my hair ever look as good as it does after I leave the salon. Hairstyling is not my forte.

We managed to clean up a few things from the party before our evening of cinema, watching “Don’t Look Up” and “Hugo”, while Jeff got acquainted with his new laptop.

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