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It Wasn't Us!!

~Monday, February 28, 2022~

Day 624

Glad it wasn’t us. 😬There seems to be a broken water pipe at the campsite behind us and quite a gusher I might add. The campers are now gone and replaced with Arizona State Park guys and the ranger to try and fix it. In came the back hoe and shovels and about 6 men to remedy the issue. For us, not having the water on for half the day wasn’t a problem since our fresh water tank was already ¾ full thanks to our own little problem of the valve not working properly (I mentioned this a few days ago in our posts when we were comparing notes with the other Lance owner). Who knew our mechanical issue would actually be of some service today? Anyway, it took about half the day to get the pipe fixed, leaving us to wonder, was it the camper’s fault by not disconnecting their hose from the city water or a faulty pipe? It didn’t seem to be below freezing last night, even though we had frost warnings. So we can’t imagine that was the culprit. We’ve always wondered though, if a camper is at fault for something like that, and has been forewarned about disconnecting from city water, if camp guests are sent a bill??

With our 3 overripe bananas I thought it a perfect opportunity to make some delicious muffins. It’s one of the best recipes I’ve ever used. It actually has become quite the staple of our trip as I seem to make them at least once a month just to have for those quick mornings when we need to get out the door. I also add dark chocolate chips (not a lot, but just enough to give it that extra boost), and chopped pecans and a few tablespoons of flaxseed. Yum!

Back to the Milepost (our Alaska “bible”) and the internet for more trip research. Sorry the posts haven’t been too exciting lately, but we promise to be back in full swing once we have our bookings complete!

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