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It's Time

~Monday, July 11, 2022~

Day 757

Day 21 of Alaska Trip

Good thing we got the photos we did yesterday since the day brought much overcast and cold. The mountains would occasionally peek out from behind the clouds and mist, but the scenery was mostly socked in the majority of the day. The misty clouds that envelop the Chugach Mountains just adds another wonderful dimension to the already gorgeous peaks. Alaska is begging for rain, so it’s a good thing it’s here.

Finally, I’m giving your eyes a break from the long posts as of late, which means we’re enjoying more of settling into one spot and not filling our days with back to back outings. The only sightseeing for today was from our trailer window which we are by no means complaining about. We’re in the front row living life LARGE! Today found us catching up on some overdue to do’s…..i.e. Laundry, repairs and website maintenance (now that we’re back in reception); sorry to report that not all went smoothly.

Early on our trip, the stove, particularly the burners, have been an issue. And with all the rough driving lately, it’s only gotten worse. They’ve completely come off….all three of them. When this happens, Jeff’s usually able to screw things back together which is normally no easy feat. There’s nothing that frustrates him more than NOT being able to fix something especially if he’s done it before. He even asked for my help to see if I could do it. Nothing. The screws are just too short, and it’s not like we can run down to our local ACE Hardware to find longer ones since the threading is specialized. The last time we brought the rig to Meeks RV in Acampo, even the owner complained about the design and the fact it’s nearly impossible to get the specialized screws. He’s also loathed the design of this stove from the very beginning. And Dometic makes plenty of other highly reputable products like toilets, fans, air conditioners, and refrigerators among others. In the last year, Lance has discontinued installing Dometic stoves in their rigs (sorry the name escapes me for the manufacturer they are now dealing with). We’re seriously considering buying that new brand with its better design. We’ve already talked to Meeks RV about it as they say it’s an easy switch out. Maybe when the trip’s done!

I spent my day mostly at the laundry mingling with the locals and travelers….all 3 of them. I met the owner of the park who just took over the place 2 weeks ago…..evidently a steal he just couldn’t pass up. He works on active duty with the Coast Guard and has moved around with his family of 5 quite a bit. So hopefully his new ownership will keep them a little more settled. All kids are homeschooled and are learning more from the road than they ever imagined. And in their short time of running the place, they have made sure their kids are involved as much as possible…things like stocking the bathrooms and counting/rolling quarters for laundry (good math lesson). It’s sure a good way to make them feel they’re a part of something.

Another lady I enjoyed talking with over folding laundry was Nancy from Colorado. Originally from Michigan, she and her husband have been on the road since May touring much of what we’re about to see in Alaska. It was so nice of her to give us a few tips and suggestions on great Halibut fishing and dog mushing tours. They’ve kept their home in Denver with the hope of getting out of Colorado as soon as possible because of the influx of new residents. For now, they’re enjoying the freedom of travel, hoping for grandkids to be added to the mix someday.

Discouraged as all get out, Jeff decided to throw in the towel for the day, transferring his frustration to whipping up a delicious pot of homemade chili. I think it was the best he’s ever made, so I guess he WAS pretty mad. Gosh it was good! Sorry mom, a little too spicy for you!

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