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It's Christmas in our Lance!🎄🎅

~Saturday, December 5, 2020~

Day 174

Nice that we gained an hour moving from Tucson to Joshua Tree, but it does throw you off a little bit, especially when hitting the hay. I don’t need to gain an hour as I usually go to bed around 2:00 a.m. But I’ve been pulling too many of those late nights in a row working on a cross stitch project for my 2nd grandchild. So to bed early it is by 11:00 or is it really 12:00?

We had a great time staying busy at the campsite. Tomorrow will be our Joshua Tree tour day before dropping off the trailer Monday morning in Riverside. While I worked on finishing all of the Holiday trimming,

Jeff worked on installing the 2nd solar panel. There were a few snags, but he managed to get all the connections dialed in. Tomorrow morning will be attaching it to the rig. Ugh….I’m always worried when it comes to putting holes in the roof of the RV. I didn’t get to decorate last year (a first for me since we sold our home in November 2019). So this year I was determined to get my fix and really dial in the trailer festiveness.

With the travels, it was a little challenging to find the perfect stores to help me score just the right stuff. We’re really excited how it turned out. It was important to make our space as homey and cozy as possible since we’ll be away from our family this year and this is our home for now.

Sadie has made a new friend with the neighbor’s beautiful “Great Dane” looking puppy (I don’t know the breed), named Ringo. He has boundless energy at 1 years old trying to entice Sadie to chase him. She obliged and had a great time dodging low lying shrubs and rocks and hopefully no snakes! 😝 On top of that she got to chase their remote car. I think she thinks it’s a rabbit. Of course dogs always bring people together. So while keeping to the social distancing rules, we met Hannah (should be able to remember that name right?) and her 8 year old daughter Zoey. Their family frequents this area for boondocking every year and prefer camping in the back of their trucks or SUV’s. They also like the location not being too far away from their Southern California home and allowing them to visit extended family in 29 Palms while staying here.

After I got the decorating done, I decided to spread some holiday cheer and baked some Toll House Christmas cookies (I know, I know...not from scratch, but we’re boondocking) and delivered a half dozen to the neighbors we just met. They loved it! A little dessert before dinner 😋never hurt anybody.

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