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It's Been Too Long

~Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Day 353

The overcast weather seems to be following us wherever we go. At least it’s not pouring rain. With the long drive yesterday, and the back to back to back outings lately, we really needed to catch up on some zzz’s. Refreshed and ready to go.

It was a cousin visit day in Knoxville, TN. We haven’t seen Sharon and Tiffany in a few years so it was great to make time to see family. Not sure what happened but we thought when we booked our campground months ago, that it would only be a 25-30 minute drive to Sharon’s. It was more like an hour. Every junction or turn off presented another 7-8 miles which made me feel we’d never get there. The country views were gorgeous.

When we finally arrived, it felt like just yesterday that we’d seen each other. Hugs, dog greetings, and a house tour were first on the agenda. Sadie and Hoagie (a Pekingese cutie pie), got along great, though the interest in each other lasted about 10 seconds. Sadie was a little out of sorts since she was in an unfamiliar place, and needed some running time after being in the car for 6 hours yesterday and another hour drive to Sharon’s. She finally calmed down. Sharon and Tiffany’s home is lovely. Set in a gorgeous hilly development,

their home is quite spacious complete with a game room, reading room, exercise room, t.v. room, etc. Tiffany has done an amazing job with the landscaping, as gardening is her outlet, not a chore. And they’re one row behind the lakefront. Way in the distance…..The Smoky Mountains. And they couldn’t rave enough about Tennessee. Wouldn’t it be great to be neighbors one day? Even if we choose Asheville, NC, we’re talking maybe a 100 miles.

Once we got talkin’, our plans to go anywhere that day were thrown out the window. We had such a great time catching up and rehashing the old days, looking at old photos

and partaking in a few libations that Sharon whipped up. The margaritas were delicious. Sharon is quite the griller too. Delicious salmon dinner and must say, THE best Caesar Salad ever!! Sharon found this great “Martha” recipe where you crush the garlic with a fork, then mash the remaining ingredients with a mortar and pestle. Never heard of doing it this way. But it was AMAZING!! 😋👍

While everyone else was fading, Sharon and I had no trouble holding down the fort. In fact, we easily could have talked all night. Sharon’s got some touring ideas for tomorrow which we’re really looking forward to. Just wish we had more time with them. Will definitely be back soon.

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