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In Our Own Backyard

~Monday, November 8, 2021~

Day 512

So nice to enjoy a nice leisurely morning where we didn’t have to be on the move. As I sit here writing this lovely a.m.,the skies are void of clouds, with not a bit of wind, mosquitos, nor humidity in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Fighter jets from nearby Eglin Air Force Base are making their presence known. What a beautiful day to be flying! We enjoyed a nice walk where we met several dogs and their owners. One of the dog breeds was a silver lab (rarely seen) that Sadie took an interest in. Its owner recommended a nearby dog park they’d visited the day before, so will have to check it out since Sadie hasn’t had a hike or run in about a week.

To save on shipping costs, Jeff and I have been eager to get our remaining Christmas gifts mailed to Hannah, Devin and the boys in Illinois. So we finished wrapping what we needed to, then headed to a nearby UPS store. The girl behind the counter was awesome, giving us options for the best pricing to get it there without spending an arm and a leg. Within minutes we got the cost down from $50.00 to $24.00 by finding the perfect, most efficient packaging in which to send it. Done!

From there, we took Sadie to Alaqua Unleashed Bark Park in Destin. There were a few dogs enjoying their run time, but one in particular stood out…...a large Great Dane PUPPY!. Even at puppy stage, it was already bigger than Sadie and full of energy. At one point it got a little too energetic and playful, pouncing on Sadie’s back (which she didn’t like), and let him have it. Its young owner got a little over- dramatic, in shock that our dog nipped at hers but also quickly realizing it was justified. No harm done. It was good to get in some good running for Sadie since her activity will be limited once we’re in New Orleans.

With only about an hour left of sunlight, we made a quick return back to the campsite to pick up our bikes and

head to the beach, only minutes away. I can’t recall any time that the

weather had been that spectacular at any beach.

No wind, calm warm water, white powdery sand…….as good as it gets. Of course, like with everything, we were the last ones to leave. That’s what bike lights are for.

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