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I Think Someone's Having a First Birthday 🥳

~Saturday, April 3, 2021~

Day 293

We’re definitely getting a little more familiar with the small town of Mahomet where we’re staying, as well as the nearby town of Champaign. That’s what happens when you’re trying to find a grocery store, and somewhere to buy propane and firewood. Mahomet has only one grocery store and it’s not a big deal to drive the 10 extra minutes to Champaign. Since Hannah and Devin were throwing a little shindig for Carson’s first birthday as well as an Easter celebration tomorrow, we wanted to help out with cooking duties. So we decided on making a big old pot of homemade chili and some delicious cornbread as well as a 7-layer Mexican Dip.

Since the kids were busy setting up for tomorrow at their place, we opted to make the chili at the campsite, and I had a lot of wrapping to do. We’re so thrilled to be here, finally back with family and looking forward to the many things we’ll be doing together this week.

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