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I'm So Blessed To Be a Mom

~Sunday, May 9, 2021~

Day 329


Sure missing my mom and my 2 awesome kiddos today and everyday. So it will have to be FaceTime calls and hugs from afar on this special day celebrating us moms. This thing called motherhood is the greatest job in the world.

In true Jeff fashion, my hubby really made my day special. He even tried to find a Starbucks location near our campground for my favorite beverage. Just the fact he thought of it was so sweet. I really am a lucky woman that my husband loves to cook. While he was busy whipping up a special breakfast, I was able to talk to my mom and son in California, and my daughter Hannah in Illinois. The breakfast selection was amazing. Normally, we make each other Eggs Benedict for special occasions, so it was quite the surprise when Jeff wanted to change things up a bit……..Stuffed baked apples and homemade pecan pancakes. Oh my goodness…..those apples stuffed with cranberries, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and pecans were out of this world. I even got a little creative putting little bites of this with my pancakes….double bonus! Not only did he make me an amazing breakfast, he wouldn’t even let me do the dishes.

After a leisurely morning and all my special phone calls, we weren’t able to get out the door until 2:00 or so. The weather was gorgeous today, with the wind still present. The plan was to visit the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse today, but once we found out you can’t get to it from the ORV access road, we decided to nix it for today. We still have the tires deflated, so to drive normal roads to get to the lighthouse would have meant reinflating the tires and we really wanted to go back down to the beach today. So that’s what we did. As soon as Sadie saw sand, I think she was in total shock that she was getting 2 back to back beach days 🐶☀️

Today, they were checking permits and yes it was definitely more crowded than yesterday, likely due to Mother’s Day.

As we were there the tide seemed to be coming in, so we had to inch up the truck a few times to avoid getting swallowed by the sea.😳We met a very nice couple from the Raleigh area of North Carolina. What is it about dogs and meeting new people? We shared our fondness for North Carolina and talked about great hikes and their travels to Alaska. We were all ears as Alaska is at the top of our bucket list. They couldn’t say enough about it.

We got back at a good hour so Jeff could make amazing meal #2. He asked what I wanted on my special day. Believe it or not, I requested a red meat dish. I rarely have it as I am more of a pescatarian. But once in a while, I miss it. The dish…….Filet with Port/Shallot Sauce, mashed potatoes (to soak up all the sauce) and artichokes with garlic aioli. It was to die for. And I’m so grateful he was willing to take on such an involved meal. The sauce, with its beef broth and port, is a reduction sauce, so while that was doing its thing, he prepared the other dishes. It was fun watching him have fun in the kitchen. The challenge is timing all the dishes to be ready simultaneously, especially in a tiny kitchen. But he pulled it off so effortlessly. We also had the bottle of wine we purchased at Looking Glass Creamery (see post Day 321) which enhanced the meal even more.

Thank you honey for making my day so special. ❤️

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