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I'm a Popsicle

~Monday, October 26, 2020~

Day 134

Coldest day yet...high was 12 degrees F and very little sunshine. The low was 5 degrees. Jeff and Sadie had gone outside quite a bit for some run around time.

It’s amazing her paws don’t freeze. I think because she’s running around so much, her body temperature just doesn’t drop. I spent most of the day working on our logo and social media accounts, but did manage to get outside for about 5 minutes (all I could bear). I didn’t have all of the appropriate gear on for my quick dash outside which didn’t help matters. Now I’m wishing I had brought my Sorel boots but didn’t think we’d be in snow with our trailer. I’ve got one great pair of mid-length hiking boots that are waterproof, but that doesn’t help with these kinds of temperatures.

We saw one other family arrive next to us, which was crazy considering how icy the roads must have been. They arrived to frozen water pipes, so not sure how they worked around that. Our pipes to the toilet and shower were already frozen….so no shower for me today. As the evening came on, we made the mistake with not filling our freshwater tank before dark. I had checked it in the morning and it said ⅓ full, so thought we were fine. Obviously not. So to get a little backup water supply, I melted ice cubes in a Tupperware for the rest of the evening to get by until we can unclog/melt the pipes tomorrow. Now let’s hope we don’t run out of propane. So far, we haven’t had to switch the lever over to the second tank (we have 3), which is pretty amazing considering how much we’ve been running the heater the last few days. Fun times!

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