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Hikes Galore

~Thursday, February 24, 2022~

Day 620

A beautiful sunny day juxtaposed to the snowy, cold, east-coast type weather we had yesterday. No more javelina encounters, with the hope that we are done meeting those fearless critters. Took care of a lot of odds and ends throughout the day. With hundreds of trails to explore between here and Sedona, we’re narrowing down our search for the ones we feel top the list in terms of challenge, beauty and dog friendliness. Here’s what we came up with so far:

  1. The West Fork Trail-Sedona, AZ (6.5 miles out and back)

  2. Munds Wagon Trail-Sedona, AZ (6.4 miles out and back)

  3. North Kaibab Trail to Coconino Overlook and Supai Tunnel-Grand Canyon, AZ (5.5 miles round trip)

  4. Cibecue Falls-Whiteriver, AZ (3 miles out and back with a $30 access permit fee)

  5. Lockett Meadow Inner Basin Loop-Flagstaff, AZ (3.4 mile out and back)

  6. Chiricahua National Monument Echo Canyon Loop-Willcox, AZ (4-mile loop)Sadie will have to sit this one out)

  7. Devil’s Bridge-Sedona, AZ (3.9 miles out and back)

  8. Chapel Trail-Sedona, AZ (1.3 miles out and back)

  9. Cathedral Rock-Sedona, AZ (1.2 miles out and back but labeled difficult)

  10. Broken Arrow Trail-Sedona, AZ (3.5 miles out an back)

And if this list isn’t enough, we have over 10 miles of hiking trails right in our “backyard” of Dead Horse Ranch. There’s even a kayak spot on the Verde River, also known as the Verde River Greenway, so we hope to check that out as well. Outside the park, in the town of Cottonwood, there is what’s known as the Verde Valley Wine Trail with several worthwhile spots noted. We certainly have our “work’ cut out for us in this charming gateway to Sedona town.

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