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Higher Plateaus

~Wednesday, March 30, 2022~

Day 654 (Travel Day)

Though sad to be leaving Zane Grey, we know we’ll be back. And with our short 1-day stay at site #26, we didn’t meet any of our neighbors until we were breaking down. Mark and Joanne, from Minnesota are full-timing in their lovely Tiffin Class A, at least the next 2 years until they find their next home. Nice family. In fact, Mark sent me an Instagram message that they now follow us. Pressed for time to check out by 11:00, the maintenance guy asked if we were leaving soon. I think they’re used to earlier departures. But first a propane fill-up at Zane Grey. What a bargain at $3.30/gallon (normally we see it priced around $4/gallon).

Destination today…..FR306 Grand Canyon to join the Bacher and Alonzi families, climbing to 7,000 feet. It appears from the photographs they’ve shared, that the snow is now melted from yesterday. With a 4,000 elevation change, we’re expecting much colder temperatures than Camp Verde, thus the need for more propane. The drive was smooth

as we crossed the Arizona Divide at 7,335 feet and saw snow-covered Mount Humphreys at 12,637 feet. It was stunning!

We had a warm welcome greeting by Mike who met us at the beginning of Road FR306 to lead us in a ½ mile or so….a much easier, less bumpy road experience than Loy Butte Rd. in Sedona. And we have the whole place to ourselves. We put the truck in 4WD and shimmied our way into the perfect, sun-drenched spot. Lots of mud, but appears to be drying fast. Leveling the rig was pretty interesting as the tongue of the trailer, resting on the blocks kept sinking down in the mushy ground. Things settled eventually.

The kids were eager to show Jeff the many discarded animal bones surrounding our boondocking site. Mike thinks they’re from hunters and not from animals of prey. We also spotted a white SUV looking for the perfect tent camping spot. Interesting out of the whole forest, that they chose a site not too far from ours. Maybe they’re just wanting to be close to other people, which I totally get, or they could be stalkers. In any case, we hope we live to tell the tale.

After setting up, I had a 2-hour phone call with my bestie, to which she had such terrible, unexpected news. Her mother had passed away the night before after battling a brief illness. I wish I was there to give her a warm hug and reassuring words in person. Losing your mother as I can only imagine, is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can know.

After the Alonzi’s and the Bacher’s finished their dinners, the Bacher’s and Jeff and I endured the bitter cold with 1 round of cornhole (Mike and I against Amy and Jeff). I couldn’t help but relish in Mike’s and my win since it’s been over a year since I last won a game. Warming up to a nice warm fire fit the bill before retiring for the night.

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