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Heavenly Blossom Smell

~March 1, 2021~

Day 260 (Travel Day)

Happy March everyone….Spring is just around the corner, March 20th to be exact. And because it’s less than a month away, I’ve decided to get in the Spring spirit, adding a Spring look to our travel blog homepage to something cheerful and “moving”. 😉

Sadie is sad to say goodbye to the Caloosahatchee River views and the huge running space that our Boondocker’s Welcome site offers. Our host made us feel so welcome offering electric/water hookup, fire pit use, kayak fun and a riverside view from his property. If you have a desire to visit the Fort Myers area, definitely look him up. As Jeff and I head to Jacksonville, Florida, we are enjoying the intoxicating smell of those orange blossoms. After all, Florida is the land of oranges, right? Just shy of a month ago when we were driving through this very same route, the scent wasn’t quite in the air yet, but we are so glad it’s here now. It is without a doubt, my favorite fragrance.💐🍊

Just as we were arriving at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park in Jacksonville, FL, I had a little bit of a worry when the park attendant was taking too long to find our name on the list. We never did receive the usual email notification for our arrival…..but after about the 4th time of getting our name spelled right (Latray, Latrelle, Le’treille), we finally heard those calming words, “we’ve got ‘ya down”. Whew! Just about a month ago when we were at this campground, knowing we’d be returning, we scouted out the best site we could find, which was available for the dates we needed, so Site 166 it is. We like it a bit better with its bigger and more open space. Everything set up in about an hour and half which is about usual these days. I’d say 8 months in, of routinely breaking down and setting up, that we have this thing down; lots of practice. Since we had pre-selected the site and already knew the lay of the land, backing in was a snap.

Tonight, I was feeling some creative vibes in the kitchen, so while Jeff tinkered outside, I launched into my potato, leek soup but decided to add a few extras…...a little fresh nutmeg and sauteed celery. I don’t know about you guys, but I think almost like an onion, celery adds a ton of flavor to many dishes (especially the sprigs). I add it to rice dishes and most of my soups. And who doesn’t like the best way to eat celery…??? With peanut butter! Am I right? Sadie even gobbles that one up! Anyway between the leeks, garlic, onion and celery and my homemade croutons, Jeff said he was basically “dying” outside, not having eaten the past 6 hours. There are many great things about camping but one of the best is smelling what everyone’s got cookin’. Whether people are cooking inside or out, you get a huge concentration of aromas right around dinner time that leaves you wanting to stop by each campsite to see what they’re up to. I’m sure while the “normal” people have already eaten and moved on to their campfire phase, they’re enjoying the smells from OUR kitchen as we seem to eat most nights, “European Time”. The salad and soup were deeelicious!

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