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Having Too Much Fun, Until....

~Saturday, January 1, 2022~

Day 566


After quite a night, staying up until 3:00 a.m. (not sure how we did that), we all were dragging this morning…..never a good way to start off a new year. Linda assured us that a Screwdriver or Bloody Mary would somehow be the cure-all for any hangover, so we took part. And Linda does hold the standard by which all other Bloody Mary’s are judged. A Bloody Mary and a breakfast burrito was the perfect combination.

The plan was to stay the one night at Linda and Steve’s but by the way we were dragging this morning, we decided to hang out another day.

Yeh….more bonfires,

leftover pizza, snow time with the dogs and great company. And it was a great way to get to know Linda and Steve a little more. Jeff really enjoyed his conversation with Steve about his upbringing in Brazil, as a result of his parents being missionaries. Evidently he was born and raised there until his high school years when he came to the states; Dallas, Oregon in fact.

If we were going to keep the fire going, we all had to take part in making it happen….hence……we all took a turn at the ax. While Steve and Jeff took the truck to pick up more logs, the girls took a swing at the ones that were already there. For me, it brought back a flood of memories of our time chopping firewood at the family cabin. I know it sounds weird, but I found the task to be quite therapeutic. Getting a little upper body workout in the fresh, winter air never hurt anybody…..unless you took a bad swing.😉🪓

Then we got a call. Our dear friend Mimi was in the hospital. After staying with Tim and Tracy, we had plans to visit Mimi and Dave in Newberg, OR for a few days before heading back to California. Thankfully, she has a wonderful family that is stepping in to make sure she’s well taken care of. We’re saying our prayers and sending love and well wishes for a speedy recovery, Meem!!! ❤️‍🩹😘We’ll catch ‘ya next time.

A night of leftovers, nibbling on chocolate while playing a few games of Jenga and working on the “Elf” puzzle was a great, relaxing way to spend the first evening of 2022. However, as the night wore on, I wasn’t feeling so great, like I was coming down with a cold or something, so decided to take a nice hot shower and turn in early. Hopefully that does the trick.

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