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Happy Birthday Easton!

~Saturday, October 3, 2020~

Day 111

First of all, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our 1st born grandchild, Easton Alan Belmont as he turns 3 years old today.

It seems like yesterday we witnessed you come into this world. We are so blessed to have you as our grandson as you show us so much love with your delightful personality.

This will be the shortest post I’ve ever done (I’m sure you’re happy about that).

~Woke up

~Had a delicious breakfast burrito (thanks to hubby)

~Showered (I’m sure you’re happy about that too)

~I worked on the website, building a few new pages most of the day. Oh and I finally went through 3 months of mail that my mom had so thoughtfully sent us a while back

~Jeff worked on the truck (put on repaired tire), organized truck (a never ending chore), attempted to change the oil in the generator but realized he didn’t have the right socket wrench to do it, and some other odds and ends

~played a game of Cornhole (I lost both games) 🤪

~made a delicious Falafel dinner

~more computer work


We think we’ll be in Rabbit Valley one more day to catch up on computer work, plan out the rest of our stay in Colorado (we’ll be here a month), and relax before our next drive to Ouray, CO. Even though the scenery here is very rugged and arid, it’s been a very relaxing spot to stay.

And Sadie loves all the freedom she has.

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