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Happy Birthday!

~Monday, January 17, 2022~

Day 582

Happy Martin Luther King Day and Happy Birthday to one of the most influential African American Civil Rights leaders. Even though our society has a long way to go to end racial segregation, I hope that we continue to uphold his legacy…….to find the kind and spread the concept that EVERYONE has equal opportunity.

As we open those shutters and start another blessed day, I am reminded of just how beautiful this place is. Of the four main North American deserts, the Sonoran Desert is definitely our favorite. And we are taking it all in, though so far mainly from our campground. I know many people’s general perception of the desert is the land of sand with scarcely a drop of water and few animals. Of the four main deserts (the Chijaujaun, Sonoran, Mojave and the Great Basin, and the Sonoran Desert) the Sonoran is the wettest, hottest and most bio diverse desert in North America. And in this climate, next to the 10-gallon hat and cowboy boot, there’s nothing more recognizable in the Southwest than the Giant Saguaro 🌵. In fact, many species of animals take a liking to these amazing “trees” as they feast on their fruit, flesh and flowers, with some bird species even known to move in.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend coming here in the summers as temperatures are known to get to 120 degrees, and with climate change, it’s getting even hotter. Winters are the reason everyone loves being here. The daytime high’s are around the upper 60’s to low 70’s. The nights are around the mid to upper 40’s. This particular area we’re in, the Superstition Wilderness area, reminds me so much of Sedona, but without the crowds. We’re eager to get out and explore, knowing that we’ll gain a different perspective as we get up close.

As we take in all this lovely scenery, it makes tasks at the campsite a bit easier. A few projects for today…..2 trips with the Blue Boy to the dump station (we’re on day 5 which is generally our max) and cleaning out the filters on the fresh water tank. We still need to figure out why the fresh water tank valve is not shutting off properly when we’re hooked up to city water. It’s been an ongoing problem for several months now. It’s always something isn’t it?

Before we hunkered down for some more football (playoff game #6 between the LA Rams and the Phoenix Cardinals), we took a twilight walk with Sadie

on one of the paths near our campsite. Little did we know we’d see the most beautiful full moon coming up behind the mountains, and it was huge; of course the only time I didn’t have my camera for this perfect photo op. The lighting was perfect. At least one person thought ahead. This older man was all set up with his 3 gargantuan-sized lenses, 3 cameras and a tripod, ready to capture the moment. I was so jealous, I almost offered to pay him for one of his photos.

By the way, the Rams won by a landslide. Looking forward to more football this weekend!

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