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Happy 29 My Love!

~Monday, September 14, 2020~

Day 92 (Happy 29th Anniversary to Us)

Happy Anniversary baby! We have had an amazing journey these last 29 years, doing this thing called “life”. And I’m ready to do another 29 years by your side. This year for us will be one for the record books. I love you!

I think because it was our anniversary and we deserve nothing but great things on our special day, we received great news from Ford, finally answering our requests. It’s only taken 2 months. 🙄 They are giving us a 6-year,75,000 mile extended warranty and reimbursement for hotel and gas. They will not reimburse for food expenses, however. They have all of our receipts, so we’ll compare totals and see if we match. I tell you persistence pays off.

And more good news came our way. After checking online and calling/leaving messages to make our anniversary dinner reservation, there were none to be had at either of the two restaurants we had in mind, The Blue Lion or Trio-An American Bistro. I later received a call back from Trio that they actually had seating at the bar even at their prime dinner hour of 7:30. Yeah, we’re in. Trying to make a reservation even on a Monday in downtown Jackson is next to impossible with COVID going on. Most restaurants are abiding the guidelines with keeping distance between tables, some not. Again, persistence paid off, but lesson learned. You can’t call most restaurants in heavy tourist areas, for same day reservations. We were lucky.

With the Snake River right in our backyard, Sadie had some water time and then we all hit the road, heading to Jackson, which is about an hour away. We had packed a few snacky things to go with our champagne, and then staked out the perfect spot to have our bubbly while watching the wildlife as the sun went down.

Unfortunately, the smoke was determined to block our scenic view of the Teton Range, but we could still see a little bit through the haze. As we approached Antelope Flats, the cars were backed up waiting for a herd of bison to cross the road. There must have been 30 or more of them, babies and all. Of course there were many tourists that thought getting out of their cars and taking photos close up would be an ideal situation (which is how many people have been killed). Luck was on everyone’s side today. Bison look like large, slow animals, but as we witnessed they really move swiftly for their size.

Sadie waited patiently in the car while we had our nice, romantic dinner at Trio. I must say, the dining experience is not quite the same energy wise, with fewer seatings, and it’s so strange not to see the entire face of those who are cooking and serving you. Someday and hopefully soon, we will get back to some normalcy with all that. Anyway, our waiter was great, and our dinner was absolutely delicious.

Jeff had the New York steak, me the seared Halibut and shared a bottle of Sangiovese. Yum, yum. We were given a dessert menu and were ready to split an order, when he brought us a chocolate/peanut butter torte courtesy of our daughter Hannah. The waiter had said, “And this is from your daughter”, thinking he was kidding. But then when he brought the bill and said, “And the bottle of wine is from your son, Shane”, we knew it was true. The two of them had a plan all along, as they had asked earlier in the day where we were dining in Jackson. Sneaky, sneaky. So sweet of them.

A wonderful day. Tomorrow is our last day in Idaho/Montana as we have to start heading back to California for Ken’s wedding which will be on Saturday. Would like to tour more of the valley, maybe stop in downtown Jackson, and hopefully check out a few BLM sites for the next time we’re here. We shall see.

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