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Greenville's a Catch!

~Monday, March 29, 2021~

Day 288

Our last day in Greenville and you If we have time to see downtown again, that would be a bonus. But for now, our focus was looking at neighborhoods in Simpsonville, Greenville, and Traveler’s Rest. Even though we toured these areas the last time we were here, it was great to familiarize ourselves with them again. The impressions we left with last time, especially in Travelers Rest, was how remote we thought these other towns were in relation to Greenville, when in fact today, it didn’t seem that way at all. We gave ourselves more time this time to connect the dots, so to speak. Even though we didn’t sitesee much, we did get a lot done.

With Greenville, comes shopping. We need to take advantage of certain retail shops when we see them. Today’s stop….REI!! Jeff always said he would consider working at an REI down the road, retired. Nothing better than helping other people get supplied for the great outdoors. Anyway, the trail runners he was looking for weren’t in stock in his size, so having those shipped to Hannah since we’ll be in Illinois to see her and the grandkids over Easter and for Carson’s 1st birthday. So excited to see them! Which brings me to our next stop….Bye, Bye Baby for a few birthday gifts.

Before driving back to our campsite, we decided to stop at 1 of the 3 breweries on Jeff’s list…..Liability Brewing Co.

Cool outdoor atmosphere and real dog friendly, it was the perfect way to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. And Sadie always enjoys being the center of attention.

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